Rebel Satori Press, 2017
The Desire Line

My first full length collection of poetry The Desire Line is a textual and photographic meditation on memory and impermanence.

Is a photograph the past, the now, or something yet to be? What are these catalogs of images and words? reference points in a personal cosmology? a rotating exhibition of impermanence in a mental museum?

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What people are saying

Sven Davisson's poetry is a bracingly unique combination of Buddhism, eroticism, urbanity, mythology, and modernity. Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg, and Frank O'Hara all seem to speak again through him. —Jeff Mann, author of Ash: Poems from Norse Mythology

Interstitial mauve zone poetry dealing with the concepts of memory and impermanence, reflective of the Inbetweeness Concept utilized by acolytes of the Zos Kia Cultus. A fay perichoresis in which crystalline and delicate depictions of Zen nature scenes rub up against erotic reminisces of the Burroughs/Ginsberg genetic variety. —James Champagne, author of Autopsy of an Eldritch Horror

Davisson is not only an omnivorous reader and spiritual scholar, but he boldly merges the essence of Eastern wisdom with the western occult tradition, synthesizing the two with extraordinary originality and grace, and providing us all with a glorious body of work all too rare in this decadent and material age. —Trebor Healey, auhtor of A Horse Named Sorrow

Sven Davisson's work is erotic, haunting, spiritual and unafraid to take chances. —Emanuel Xavier, author of Radiance

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